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Original Paintings and Artwork


Cheeyean Yoong-Packer

Creating art through inspirations, emotions and imaginations


I have this talent in me to make things.
It is all connected. My mind, my eyes, my hands.
One inspired thought fills my heart with imaginations
and the emotions travels to my hands and I begin to create.

Give my creations a place in your special home.

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Latest Posts

Souvenir from The Blood Tub

If there is a random place where I can be plopped down into right now, it would have to be The Ship at Lamont or better known to the locals as the Blood Tub in West Lancashire, England.  It has been a public house since the early 19th century and over the years has...

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Happy Thanksgiving

A long and hot summer here is giving us a very colorful fall this year.  I just can't get over the golden hues of the acer right outside my window.  This will all very quickly go away as the wind and rains predicted for Thanksgiving Day will bring all of them down to...

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Showing at Providence

The Providence Eastside Cancer Gallery My paintings are up on the walls for two and a half months of this narrow corridor at the Providence Eastside old building that connects to the new Cancer building I have a little of everything for the people who uses the...

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