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Original Paintings and Artwork


Cheeyean Yoong-Packer

Creating art through inspirations, emotions and imaginations


I have this talent in me to make things.
It is all connected. My mind, my eyes, my hands.
One inspired thought fills my heart with imaginations
and the emotions travels to my hands and I begin to create.

Give my creations a place in your special home.

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Latest Posts

The Rooster

I finished this painting earlier this year before I went home to take care of my mum but only now have I had the time to blog about it.  It is June and in the Chinese Lunar calendar we have just passed into the fifth month of the Year of the Rooster. Being a Rooster...

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An on-going art project

  This is where my 'office' will be from now till October.  It has been my unfinished canvas for the past 18 years. Through trial and error, I have learned a lot working with this garden.  Good results have come from hard work and loving care and this sanctuary...

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Harvest Song

The idea for this painting came to me one day when I was looking out my window and saw this huge bully of a Robin chasing off a small chickadee so that it could have the berries on the Pyracantha bush all to itself.  It was mid-autumn and the bush was just overladen...

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