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Original Paintings and Artwork


Cheeyean Yoong-Packer

Creating art through inspirations, emotions and imaginations


I have this talent in me to make things.
It is all connected. My mind, my eyes, my hands.
One inspired thought fills my heart with imaginations
and the emotions travels to my hands and I begin to create.

Give my creations a place in your special home.

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Latest Posts

A time and canvas for everything

] For those who paint, you will understand what I mean when I say that there is a painting for every canvas.  Some years ago, I took pictures of some really beautiful bromeliads while vacationing in Hawai'i but since then I had no success in painting them.  It was...

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Old gum trees of Mernda

I see a lot of good things when I travel in Australia and one of them is the government's effort to preserve old gum trees of which many of them are older than the day when the colonists arrived from England.  Developers work around the really old ones and make them...

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Sometimes you just have to move on

It happens.  Sometimes, what I can visualize in my head will not necessarily commute onto the canvas.  This canvas has been primed and painted over a few times now and I think it is trying to tell me yet once again that it is not working out except for the turquoise...

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