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This is where my ‘office’ will be from now till October.  It has been my unfinished canvas for the past 18 years.

Through trial and error, I have learned a lot working with this garden.  Good results have come from hard work and loving care and this sanctuary of mine has given me great therapy.  There is nothing a little bit of dirt under my fingernails cannot cure.  It has given me great therapy and each time I come back into the house inspired. I shall leave you to wander.  You can almost hear the birds chirping, the wind rustling through the leaves and maybe even the grass growing?


The waft of the honeysuckle blossoms welcomes you.


Another path to another ‘room’.

A fragrant pink rose bush.

Cecile Brunner rose blooms dances merrily to the light summer breeze.

A zen corner.

Wishing you all a good Memorial weekend!

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