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The November 2013 Wild Arts Festival has not been such a success for me as I was hoping but I learned about the people and what in this economy, they are looking for are art items that are affordable but unique.  A tall order but it doesn’t mean that it cannot be met.

I feel like one of the elves who has just finished working at Santa’s Christmas workshop and is now reporting for duty to start the process all over again.  Good news is that I am very inspired by the small and big birds who come to feed off the bird-feeder just right outside my studio windows.  I can’t say that I paid them much attention before and before the Festival, I had never in my life attempted to paint a bird.  Participating in the Wild Arts Show has changed me.  Like everything, it is just a matter of constantly going at it and then one day, not so long after, it became easier.  Much like examining Michelangelo’s drawings of the anatomy, of how the muscles, tendons and blood vessels are wrapped around and within a body, pretty soon you begin to develop an understanding of a bird’s physique when it is perching on a twig or when it is in flight or coming in for a landing.

Well, I must say never let old age stop you from learning new things.  I am getting a few paintings ready for the 2014 jury so this little elf is certainly a busy one!

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