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There is no use clinging onto the last memories of summer but to accept the fact that Fall is here and trudge on.  My better-half is always moaning about how everything seems to be dying around him.  He hates the miserable cold and dampness.  But, it sure beats the 5 months of snow if we were to live back east.  What he fails to see is nature hibernating and regrouping for spring.

This is my favourite season.  When I wake up and open my eyes, I see before me a live canvas and it changes every day.  Aside from the joys of seeing fall fruits and vegetables gracing the supermarket shelves, baking pies and putting my garden to sleep, a brisk walk is what I always enjoy.  Along the way, I pay extra attention to the colours around me.

color hunting - spitoon
Someone left their old Chinese chamber pot in the front yard. I am sure they are using it for planting.  It’s interesting how it almost blend in with the fallen leaves.


I often find ideas for my paintings from what I see on my walks.  One would never stop to think how a pile of gravel can be interesting.  But, look again at the pinks, mauves, greys and blues.  The colours all work so nicely together,  not battling for attention.


And then this burst of burgundy red barberry with its crimson berries delivers a great punch.


The lime green leaves on this sedum proudly shows off its clusters of red flowers.  One wonder who is complimenting who?


And then there is this.  A Hosta plant riddled with holes, evidence some slugs have definitely feasted themselves well and showing signs of water-damaged may look rather uninteresting to most people.  But, I like to cancel those out and just concentrate on the colours.  Try and imagine the green, yellow umber, brown and white on an ensemble of clothing.  Maybe, the knee-length skirt I am thinking of is of the green.  A yellow umber blazer worn over a white top and a pair of nice leather boots and handbag, and a necklace of emerald greens, oranges and browns .  Well, see?  Has this little exercise not made it interesting already?  And if you’re thinking what does this have to do with clothes?  Well, I, too can easily apply it to what I would like to paint on my canvas, once I find the right inspiration.

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