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Stashed away in the back of my paint box are some tubes of Reeves gouache that I inherited from a friend a long time ago.  I have never used the medium before, don’t know much about it and that was partly the reason why I have never touched it.  Well, I have to thank Google because with just a click I was able to read everything about gouache.

It goes on like watercolours but unlike watercolours, it is not transparent.  In fact, quite the opposite, it is opaque and dries to a matte finish.  The medium allows one to put on layers creating depths unlike with watercolours, where one can still notice the paper even though you have plied on layers of the paint.

I decided to go into my neighbourhood art store to see what other information the experts can tell me about gouache as I did not have the full range of colours.  Turns out that only Reeves makes them in other colours that comes in a set.  The quality is quite good and the price affordable.  Windsor and Newton is the next grade up, more expensive but they only come in the primary colours.  Since I already have some of the Reeves, I splurged a little and got myself the latter.  Turns out, a little goes along way and for the price I paid, these tubes will last me a while.


So, this is my first unfinished attempt with gouache.  I discovered that it dries faster than watercolours, so when I am building darks and lights, I cannot afford to stop and idle.  But, I have to say, it has opened up wonderful avenues for me to explore!

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