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Doorway painting - No 26

No. 26

If you ever find yourself in Penang, better known as the Pearl of the Orient, make sure you seek out some of the old colonial building rows.  They have such a charm about them.

Painting of girlfriends


My mother’s friend on the left.   I remember her as a robust woman, full of life and laughter but sadly, her life was cut short by breast cancer.  How do you think of your own mother when you see pictures of them in their heyday?  Do you think them old-fashioned, boring and blah?  My mother was never like that.  In the early 60s in the town where we lived, she wore the latest styles and flashiest clothes.  The age of modernity was at their fingertips and they knew it.  So, I thought giving this work a colourful background sort of epitomizes the feeling of that time.  It was nothing old-fashioned but rather exciting and fresh.

Doorway painting - Stepping out

Stepping Out

This was a simple shot from the inside of The Blue Mansion as we were leaving to go walk about for the day.  The dark areas which comprised about eighty percent of the painting’s surface area was easy to accomplish.  But, the details in the row houses across the street and that of the stained glass windows almost made up for the time saved.

Won’t be long now before the family comes home for the holidays so I am trying to get these works finished and put away.  It is very hard for me to get a good shot in the winter so these will have to do for now.









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