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This is my first blog to christen my art website.

It has taken me almost five years to get to where I am now with my art which I abandoned when I started my family.  And when I did finally took up brush to canvas, I spent a whole year at least painting over what I did, over and over again.  For the most part, I just did not know WHAT to paint.  I found it very hard to focus.  But, I know this.  I have always been great at duplicating and detailed work and with that, I eventually ended up painting exactly what I saw from pictures I took with my digital camera.

For awhile, that worked for me.  I think I satisfied myself more that I was able to do that.  I entered a couple of community art shows, didn’t sell a whole lot but got satisfaction from viewers who walked by my art and exclaimed that they really love my art.  While having people ooo and ahh over my work was gratifying at the time, it would be more satisfying if they bought more of them.  At the time, I became caught up in real time with a crisis in my family.  That meant a lot of traveling overseas to spend time with my dying sister.  We had some memorable times together and strangely enough, it was about that time when I realized this strong attraction to my South-East Asian roots.  The wonderful old stuff that never appealed to me before suddenly had a strong hold over me.

Prompted by my husband who for two years took me around to galleries in San Francisco, New York City, Seattle and Portland to see what other artists are doing, I have come to learn a lot about the direction in which I want my art to go.  It wasn’t easy.  Many years, I was like in a fog.  I knew that painting to look exactly like a photograph was not what I should continue to do because in the end, it is just a duplicate.  There was something lacking.  I had to step outside of myself, throw out the old and allow myself to think and feel with an open mind.

It is all about how one evolves.  Sometimes, when you are stuck in a mode, you don’t begin to realize that you can change and start to see things in a different way.  I liken it to receiving a present and as you open the box, you find a little surprise here and a little surprise there.

I cannot sign off today without giving my thanks and gratitude to my sister-in-law, Jade who has wholeheartedly taken her time to help me setup this web site.  I hope to put up more paintings as time goes on and also to write about the whole process.  It will be interesting to see where this takes me.

Have a nice day!

cheeyean, artist

Chee Yean, artist

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