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I recently received a commission to paint a small piece for a neighbour.  The couple in their late thirties along with their two Golden Retrievers moved to our street a few years ago and then in a matter of three years later, became proud parents for the first time in their lives.   Before the baby came, Matt lost his job but luckily, Kim is still plugging away at hers.  The decision was made that Matt would stay home and take care of the baby.  It was not easy for him but he loved his baby so much that he didn’t think twice about changing his role in the family to care for her.

The family has weathered much throughout those few years.  With bringing up a little baby, they had given up eating out at restaurants and when a family member back east fell ill and eventually passed away, they had to fly back several times.  It had not been easy but little Akemi is three years old now and she is talking away.  Life is much easier when adults understand what the little person is saying.  They are a loving family, I can tell that, especially when a gift like this is given to parents at this late in the game.  So, I thought what is better than heralding spring into one’s house and two parent chickadees enjoying the nice warm weather amongst the beautiful Magnolia blooms while watching their little off-spring come home, always coming home.

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