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Once again, I am back from my pilgrimage to the town where I was born.  It was nice to be with family during the Chinese New Year.  It seems like the young are flocking to the newer established part of Seremban called Seremban 2.  The old town is not as thriving as in the days gone by.  I wished people there would learn to appreciate the old, get in there and clean the place up.  The old shops and houses have so much character and is a tie to the past.  If we don’t take care of it, we shall lose it for sure.

Unlike in Singapore and Penang where people are encouraged to find beauty in the old and preserve them, Serembanites just would prefer to forget about them.  People throng to the malls nowadays.  Just as well, as it leaves more room for me to explore these wonderful Kaki Limas, so named because in Malay, it means five feet sideways.  The overhanging upper floors provide a good shade from the afternoon sun.


People don’t realize that the row houses have high ceilings and spacious interiors.  Space is something you don’t get from modern real estate nowadays.  The new modern homes look alike, whereas these each have a character onto its own.

You will not see little temples like this in the new part of town.

I try to bring back something that reminds me of where I came from.

This is a piece of embroidered Nyonya material.

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