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Chee and her artwork at the cafe
I cannot help but think that time is flying by too fast. We are now into April of 2015 already and I am thrilled to bits that I am showing my artwork at www.southstorecafe.

South Store Cafe with CheeYean's artwork

A lot has happened since I last blogged. Our eldest daughter got married in Australia of all places and part of last year was spent on preparing for the big occasion. Too far away, if you ask me but it is a great place to visit and I have come back inspired with new ideas for more paintings.

Patterns on tree trunk


I could not stop taking enough pictures as everything was so colorful and vibrant.


Putting paint to wood.

Anybody out there who like me feels that 24 hours to the day is just not enough? I count my blessings every day I wake up and know that I possess this talent and skill to paint because that is all I want to do the moment I wake up and open my eyes.

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