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Harvest Song

18″ x 24″ Acrylic on canvas

June 2017


In late fall, right before Thanksgiving, my pyracantha bush is flushed witth red berries and it brings all the birds in the area feasting on the season’s yield.  In real life, the ‘bully’ birds get their berries first while the smaller birds on the fence patiently waits for their turn.  In this painting, I wanted a harmonious space in my pyracantha bush where birds of all kinds would share, eat in peace and be kind to one another.  The title itself immediately brings forth a cacophony of birds chirping and beneath the preliminary image of the bush and berries, shadows and light take over and shapes of different colors are created.  I used triangles for these shapes and darker colors to denote depth.

It is a festive and happy painting and if hung on a wall in the dining room would be perfect as it also means Abundance.

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