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16″ x 40″

Acrylic on canvas

October 2017

I like to sit down with my clients when they want me to commission a painting to find out what kind of birds, colors, nature scene that they like.  My most recent client fell in love with Chatter ( please see painting in Birds gallery ) but unfortunately, it had sold.  Through our conversations, I found out that her mother is an avid nature photographer and that they love the Yellow-throats and peewees that thrives in the Hillsboro wetlands.

The idea for the painting begins………

…..with a flock of merry Yellow-throats and a couple of peewees enjoying the end to a glorious day where the golden sunlight dances in the air and the cattails sway gently in the breeze.  All gaze from the birds are thrown at a Yellow-throat at the far right of the painting, as it cranes its neck to sound off an alarm because it senses the approach of you, the viewer while a Yellow-throat on the other far side of the painting catches a sight of you and looks right at you before it decides to fly away.

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