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It was a good day to fly into DC.

The plane charged through the clouds and revealed below an emerald landscape studded with trees and winding rivers.  Washington Reagan is one classy airport and the awesomeness starts when the plane is descending.  It flies over the capital with the Congress, Washington Monument, Pentagon, Arlington Memorial Bridge just to name a few, flanking both sides of the plane.  What a great view on a clear day!  We used to live in Frederick, Maryland and would drive into the city but nothing beats coming into DC on a plane.  Unlike many American airports, Washington Reagan is kept very clean and a lot of that is contributed to the fact that it is the closest airport to the government offices in DC.

Very seldom can one fly across country without delay, check into a hotel without much fuss and then to be able to find a great restaurant right next to it.  We are staying in Alexandria at the Lorien.


We were welcomed with two glasses of Pinot Gris


We didn’t have to walk far to find the perfect dining spot.

Our choice were ~


Thai curry mussels,


a charcuterie board,


an apple and watercress salad.

It was a perfect ending to a day spent fourteen hours getting to.

FYI, the President is in South Africa with his family.

He is on a tour of three African countries but uppermost, I think he wants Melia and Sasha to meet Mr Mandela, the Man who may not be with us for much longer.

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