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I finished this painting earlier this year before I went home to take care of my mum but only now have I had the time to blog about it.  It is June and in the Chinese Lunar calendar we have just passed into the fifth month of the Year of the Rooster. Being a Rooster myself, I cannot let this year pass by without giving this amazing animal a mention.

This is my first attempt at painting a Rooster and I am embarrassed to say that I had never really given live chickens a closer look except on the occasions when cooked parts of it are lying on my dinner plate.

I am amazed at how the feathers of different sizes, shapes and colors layered itself upon this Rooster and as a final finesse, the plumes on its tail finishes off with a flair.

To all Roosters and non-Roosters, I wish you all a happy and prosperous year!  And no matter what size,shape, color and breed we are, we should like the Rooster strut around with confidence!

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