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Most will agree that it is not easy to get back to the rhythm of things after the holidays.  Why is it that holidays are back to back to each other?  To make things even more complicated, Chinese New Year is looming in the horizon.  It’s like you have to come up to the surface for air and then, you are pulled back under again!  For me, it is more of what holidays can do to my waistline.

The trick is to keep busy, keep going but reward myself to a cup of tea and biscuits.  Aside from making sure I take myself out for a walk 6 days a week, we have been throwing out some unwanted clutter.  Over the years we have accumulated a lot of cheap ornaments that have chipped and since we have decided to not get a 7-foot tree anymore, we really did not need that many ornaments.  So, along with that went out other things that have sat around.  Good start to a new year!

I have in mind to apply for two shows this year.  One of them is organized by the Audubon Society and their requirement is that each applicant must show some work that is bird-related.  I have never remotely painted birds before, so this is a challenge.

I have chosen to paint the Malaysian Chestnut Headed Bee-eater enjoying its meal in the midst of a Plumeria tree. The technique I have chosen is painstakingly slow and am not quite sure what the real thing will look like once it’s done.


For inspirations, I browsed through books of birds.  Nothing exciting there but then, I found this interesting article about Marian Berger in the Hawaiian Airlines magazine.  It’s fascinating to read about how other peoples’ lives evolved.  She was hired to paint The Living Endemic Birds of Hawaii: Mea Makamae but not after she had gone through a divorce, then losing husband #2 from a car accident, raising two kids on her own, and working as an overnight nurse just to make ends meet.  Some of her earlier works had caught the eye of a conservationist and the rest is history.

Now, that is what I call a lucky break and a happy ending!



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