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The Montgomery Park building sits on the northern fringe of the city limits.  For some reason, we always thought that it was an old, abandoned building.  But, far from it.  It may look abandoned on the one side, but when we drove into the parking area, it was a whole different story.  I guess there are several businesses and banks operating in it.  Every November, the Wild Arts Festival is held there.

Turkey Vulture

Turkey Vulture

This is our very first visit to the festival and we were pleasantly impressed with the many artists and vendors there.  They even had a show-n-tell.  The fellow above weighs only 4 pounds but has a wingspan of six feet!  One of the requirements to show in this festival is that one or more of what you are selling has to do with birds.  Now, I have never in my life painted birds before but this certainly is going to be a challenge!  I fell gung-ho and I shall give it a go!

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